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Pitt Faculty and Teaching Assistants

If you are attempting to login to complete a recommendation for a student interested in a Panther Program, please follow the link provided to you in the email. Once you click on the link, it will prompt you for the referee's name and reference code, both of which are also in the email instructions from the student. If you are trying to login to the site to update your profile and are unable to do so, please contact the Study Abroad Office at 412-648-7413 or

Non-Pitt Faculty

Students interested in applying to Panther Programs may request letters of recommendation from non-Pitt faculty. Once a student has entered your email address, you will receive two emails, the first with guest login instructions that will provide access to the site. The second email will contain the login instructions as well, but also the information specifically pertaining to the student who has requested a recommendation. Once you have completed and submitted the recommendation using the online system, a message will be sent to the Study Abroad Office.